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The Truth about Free Robux, Roblox Robus Generators , Hacks and Cheats (Video)

There are a lot of people out there offering Free Robux in all kinds of forms, such as Generators, Tools, Hacks and Human Verification Offers. These are all FAKE and SCAMS! Roblox is an online game and it is actually not possible to get free Robux by any means, no God Modes and nothing else of the sort.


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All Free Robux Offers, Generators and Tools for Roblox are SCAMS

Roblox is an online multiplayer game. The ‘online’ part of that means that a lot of the game is processed on online servers and not on your mobile device, console or PC. Everything that is stored and processed on the online game servers owned by the Roblox Crop cannot be  hacked or modified in any way.

With other words: It is 100% impossible to create any kind of Free Robux Generators, Robux Tools or free purchases in Roblox. Same goes for free Robux item hacks, they are impossible as well. Even if one was able to hack the servers, the developers would detect the intrusion and reverse any changes made by the hack. Roblox Robux hacks have never existed and will never exist. Anyone that claims to have any tool that adds Robux or offers you free Robux is trying to scam you 100% of the time.


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Why do Fake Roblox Hacks and Robux Cheats look real?

The scammers that use imaginary Robux hacks and other Roblox cheats, such as god modes are using Photoshop and other image and video editing tools to create fake screenshots, fake videos and other fake ‘proof’ of the hack working. – These videos and screenshots may seem convincing, but considering that the cheats depicted are impossible, anyone can discern these as scams.

They are creating fake apps, fake programs for PC, they are doing anything to get you to fill in that ‘human verification’ survey offer or to have you download malware. – Beware of such fake cheats for Roblox and do not enter your username or password on such sites or into such programs or there is a real chance that your account  may get hacked by the scammers.

Robux Scam sites using ‘human verification’ may also include fake chats, fake comments, fake notifications, fake reviews and fake rating in order to make the whole thing more belivable.


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What Hacks are Actually possible in Roblox?

Since we now know that Robux Cheats for Roblox do not exist, let us examine the cheats that are actually possible to be used in Roblox. – Keep in mind that using any kind of Hack or Tool on Roblox can get you banned from the game and we do not recommend that you use any of those cheats.

  • Minor Client side cheats, such as speedhacks, teleporting, walking through walls may be possible.
  • Wallhacks are possible.
  • Aimbots are possible.
  • Physics hacks, such as superjump may be possible.
  • Spawning items may be possible in some Roblox game modes.
  • There may be other legitimate working hacks for Roblox.

If you want to find working cheats for Roblox, then go here.

For game hacking tools, download on this site.


Human Verification Scams for Roblox

‘Survey Scams’ or ‘Human Verification Scams’ are the most common way these fake websites are trying to Scam Roblox players: They are making up any kind of cheat or hack that sounds good and usually is 100% impossible, such as unlimited free Robux or God Mode, Admin tools and so on.

They they tell the user of the fake hack that they need to complete a ‘human verification’, which is simply a way to make money off of people without having to give them anything. Once you complete the survey offer (human verification), you will get noting, redirected to the page where you started, download a file that does not work or does not do anything or you will download malware.

Either way will will have spent money or time and you will not get any free Robux or any other kind of working tool for Roblox. – Please, do not fall for this scam and share this page so others do not fall for these kinds of sleazy techniques either.



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