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The Truth about Free Unlimited UC and Battle Points for PUBG Mobile (Video)

There are many videos, websites, generators and tools that claim to be able to give you FREE Battle Points, unlimited UC, skins, crates and other goodies for BUPG Mobiole. – All of these offers are FAKE and SCAMS! It is actually impossible to give away any free money for PUBG Mobile, to get working generators, god modes and so on.


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All UC / BP Generators, Tools and Hacks for PUBG Mobile are SCAMS

Seeing that PUBG Mobile is an online mobile game, meaning that all your account data is stored online, creating any kind of tool or hack that would allow one to add Battle Points or US is 100% impossible. – Your character data including your PUBG Mobile money, skins, health, ammo, unlocks and so on is stored on the Tencent Games (developers) servers. These servers are impossible to hack or modify by anyone but the developers of PUBG Mobile.

Some may disagree and point out that even servers can be hacked. – This may be correct, but if it were ever to happen and people would actually manage to give themselves free BP or free UC for PUBG Mobile, then the developers would notice that, especially if for whatever reason they made a public tool to make this hack available to the public. The hack would be found and patched for all times, all the data changed would be rolled back and the people that hacked the servers would get reported.

These generators are trying to get you to fill in surveys, download malware, get you to enter your login info or worse. – If you do what they ask you to do you won’t get what they promised. You will get a broken link or worse. Remember that online, anyone can claim anything at no cost.


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PUBG Free UC / Battle Points SCAMS

In the same way that the cheating tools that offer impossible hacks are fake and scams, so also are offers of free PUBG Mobile Battle Points and free UC fake and scams. – Unless the developers of PUBG Mobile themselves are offering you freebies, then the offer is fake and simply set up to get you to fill in ‘human verification’ surveys, download malware ect. This is one of the most common scams you can find online and you do not want to fall for it.

There are no free UC or free Battle Points for PUBG Mobile available through any means but playing the game or actually knowing one of the game admins, which you most likely do not. Don’t let anyone deceive you.

These PUBG Mobile free offer Scams count on you being ignorant and not knowing how online shooter games work. If you have read this page, then you now have the knowledge to determine what cheats and offers for free PUBG Mobile stuff can be real and which are fake.



What Hacks are Actually possible to use in PUBG?

Now that we have established what hacks and offers for PUBG Mobile are not possible, let’s talk about cheats and hacks that are actually legit, possible and working. – In general, the working cheats are all client-based, which means they can be achieved by modding the client using Android / iOS mods that implement cheats into the game data on your actual phone:

  • Aimbots are possible.
  • Wallhacks are possible.
  • Speedhacks may be possible.
  • Physics hacks, such as super jumping and teleporting may be possible.
  • There may be other legitimate mods that can be found in working mod menus for PUBG Mobile.

If you want to find working hacks for PUBG Mobile, go here.

If you want to download game hacking tools for Android and iOS devices, download them here.


If it’s All Fakes and Scams, then How are there Pictures and Video?

The question we get most often is concerning the proof videos and proof screenshots that many scamming sites upload and that usually seem extremely real. – This is done to entice people to go through whatever hoops the scammer has set up for you to get your fake ‘free PUBG BP or UC’. – We live in an age of Photoshop and Adobe After Effects and faking picture, audio and even video is far easier now than you could imagine.

All the ‘proof’ footage and screenshots are faked using video editing and image editing technology.


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